Mi Campo Tequila, Blanco 750 ml

Mi Campo Blanco Tequila is a contemporary take on traditional agave tequila. Crafted using high-quality, 100% blue weber agave, this clear, 80-proof tequila liquor has touches of silver sparkle. A tequila blanco created with passion and pride in the land from which it comes, this smooth-drinking tequila offers layered aromas of cooked agave, banana, fresh coconut, almonds, sweet orange, and green apple along with hints of elegant vanilla. On the palate, orange blossom tea underscores threads of honey and sweet orange, balanced by subtle white pepper notes. The agave pinas used to make this straight-from-the-corazón tequila are not crushed but rather squeezed before being cooked in stone ovens. Double-distilled in alembic stills, this 750 mL bottle of tequila alcohol is aged for three weeks in chardonnay barrels for a richer, smoother finish that's a reinterpretation of tradition. Enjoy a Mi Campo tequila and orange juice, a tequila mojito, or any number of the best tequila drinks, raising a toast to the spirit of modern Mexico. ¡Salud! Please enjoy responsibly. © 2024 Imported by Mi Campo Spirits, Canandaigua, NY. Tequila. 40% alc. By vol.