Lagunitas IPA, Maximus, Unlimited Release

Say lah-goo-knee-tuss. Big beers are good and big IPA's are even better. But it's kind'a like, well, first you ride some great wheelies and then you get it in your head to try jumping stuff. Maybe you start with a ramp in the driveway and then you move onto bigger things like a real cougar and rattle snakes. It's a rush and all your friends think you're pretty cool, but eventually even that's not enough s you jump through fire, over some trucks, some Dodge's, some semi's a fountain, and later a pile of wrecked cars. While making strong beers it's hard to screw the pooch and end up steppin' off into a rag doll boogie, but your taste buds can get bent and over time you start to thinkin' that only bigger is better. Eventually you jump your beer over the Snake Canyon and end up on the news in the river with a headache. We do dig our beers big and we do dig an occasional flip n' whip, a solid McMetz, or a nack grab - but balance is still the most important skill and the Maximus IPA is exactly that. Ask anyone. Ride a pint. Taste the hops. Slurp the malt. Drink the juice - live to ride another day. Cheers! Brewed in Sonoma County Calif. Since 1993.