Rossville Union Whiskey, Straight Rye, Master Crafted

Barrels Used: 159. When you've been a part of a town called Whiskey City for almost two centuries, you live rye. Rossville Union is rye made masterfully. Aged at least four years, this crafted rye delivers a sweet caramel nose, a fruit-forward palate and a smoky, spicy body that finishes clean. Perfect on the rocks or in your favorite cocktail. Sip masterfully but responsibly. A Toast to Craftsmanship: Our master crafted straight rye whiskey expression is a proprietary blend, aged over four years. With a spicy, robust character, it's perfect in refined cocktails or on the rocks. Uncommonly complex. Unapologetically Spirited: Our barrel proof rye is our most spirited expression, boldly bottled at 112.6 proof for a full, but balanced, cask-strength experience. Serve it neat, on the rocks or with a splash of water. Meet The Masters of Rye: At Rossville Union, we've been perfecting rye since 1847. And we continue to honor this heritage every day - crafting the unique blends that can only come from Lawrenceburg, Indiana. Artistry. Heritage. Passion. We put it into every bottle, every day. Twitter(at)RossvilleUnion. Facebook/RossvilleUnion. Instagram(at)RossvilleUnion. Find recipes and more at 47% alc/vol. 94 Distilled by Rossville Distillery, Lawrenceburg, Indiana.