True Jetsetter Black Double Hinged TSA Compliant Corkscrew Bottle Opener, Stainless Steel Wine Key

Discover a TSA-compliant corkscrew that opens any bottle with ease. Tired of removing corks with sub-par tools? Our corkscrew removes any cork with ease. In fact, the professional corkscrew utilizes leverage that allows corks to simple “pop” off. Unlike other corkscrews on the market, the Jetsetter is fully compliant with TSA laws, which allows you to take the corkscrew travelling. Specifically, the corkscrew features a unique foil cutting wheel that’s integrated safely in the handle, giving both you and security nothing to worry about. The corkscrew features a sharp 5-turn worm that buries deep into the cork, without causing any crumbling. Although you may be used to corkscrews that dig in uncomfortably, our corkscrew has an ergonomic build that nestles comfortably in the hand. Furthermore, the stainless-steel mechanics create a durable corkscrew that will last a lifetime.