Bimbo Pound Cake, With Raisins 9.88 oz

Bimbo Panqué Con Pasas is great for breakfast, merienda, and beyond. Artificially flavored Panqué Con Pasas has a subtle sweet flavor and juicy raisins. It is baked with love, just like all Bimbo breads and pastries. Freshly wrapped and moist, Panqué Con Pasas is perfect to enjoy as an after-school snack, or to enjoy as a treat any time you need a sweet to brighten your day. Since it is pre-sliced it makes for an easy dessert alongside fresh fruit and whipped cream or even chocolate sauce. Share a slice with friends and family or savor the deliciously fresh-baked taste yourself. Bimbo has been bringing families together for four generations. A family owned business since 1945, Bimbo Bakeries USA is the leading baking company in America, bringing families quality baked goods they can share with the ones they love.