Dole Salad Chopped Romaine

Dole® Chopped Romaine Salad. Thoroughly washed. Preservative free. All natural. Salad guide. Taste: sweet & subtle - complex & robust - zesty & bold. Texture: tender - crisp - crunchy. Chopped romaine pairs well with pineapple wasabi dressing, teriyaki grilled pork chops, pineapple chunks and diced red bell peppers. Perishable. Romaine lettuce is a favorite with just about every salad lover, and for good reason. Its mild, slightly sweet flavor and satisfying crispiness makes it one of the most easy to use salad greens. Whether in a classic caesar salad or in an "everything" tossed salad, romaine is sure to be a crowd-pleaser! This product is kosher certified when the kosher symbol appears on the front by the date code. Satisfaction guaranteed. Questions Comments Visit or call us at 1-800-356-3111. ©2011 Dole Fresh Vegetables, Inc.