FARMLAND Fully Cooked Diced Ham

Farmland Diced Ham comes fully cooked and ready to eat for convenience and easy meal prep, and it's pre-diced, providing endless options for creative cooks. This diced ham is made from high-quality pork, and it's 95% fat free, making it an ideal meal ingredient you and your family can trust. This Farmland gluten free ham comes fully cooked, so you can heat it up or simply add it to your favorite dishes, cutting down on prep time so you can spend less time in the kitchen. Farmland Ham comes in diced pieces that are ideal for tossing into salads, pastas, omelettes and casseroles. Whether you're cooking for a potluck or planning a busy weeknight dinner, this low fat ham provides a quick and delicious way to add protein to your favorite meals. This diced ham comes in a resealable pack for maximum freshness. Make sure to keep diced ham refrigerated.Farmland has been bringing great-tasting food to families tables since 1959.