Indio Jes U I Trst

Jesus, In You I Trust: Oh, Merciful Jesus! Thy kindness is infinite and treasure of compassion inexhaustible. I will forever trust in your mercy, which supersedes all your work. I consecrate myself eternally to you so that I may live underneath the rays of your love and mercy, which radiate from your sacred heart on the cross. I desire to promote your mercy through spiritual and corporal works of mercy, especially converting sinners, counseling the sick and afflicted, and helping the poor. Please protect me as your property and glory for I fear my weakness and trust in your great mercy. May all humanity come to know the profundity of your great mercy and in it put all of their hope and worship for all of eternity. Amen. (Make your petition). Solar energy. 100% cotton wick. A responsible choice made from sustainable resources. Made in USA.