Keebler Sandwich Crackers, Club And Cheddar 11.0 oz

Take Keebler Club and Cheddar sandwich crackers with you on any snack time mission. These crunchy sandwich crackers are made with real cheese in every bite. Every sandwich cracker includes a smooth, cheesy filling that holds together two crisp and buttery Club crackers. These sandwich crackers are packaged into individual serving sizes, making them a convenient addition to any packed lunch or standalone snack; Keebler Club and Cheddar sandwich crackers are great for game time, party spreads, after-school treats, taking a break during a busy day, late-night snacking and more, the cheesy options are endless. Take these sandwich crackers along on field trips, trips to the park, picnics, or even while you're running your everyday errands. If your favorite snacker is far away, try packing these sandwich crackers into a care package. You'll love the one-of-a-kind flavor of Keebler Club and Cheddar sandwich crackers.