Tide Pods Laundry Detergent Pacs, Original Scent, 20 Count 20 ct

A surprisingly powerful clean in one step-even in cold water. Tide PODs work on 100% of common stains, including grease stains, giving you the clean and freshness you know and love in any water condition. Thanks to Coldzymes, Tide PODs powerfully remove stains in cold water. Tide PODs are designed with a 3-in-1 concentrated detergent combination of stain removers and color protector to leave fabrics looking bright and smelling fresh with its Original scent. Toss Tide PODS into the wash before adding laundry to watch them dissolve completely in either hot or cold water. When it comes to choosing a laundry detergent that works on all of life's messes, don't pay for water. Pay for 50% more cleaning power.* Choose Tide, America's #1 trusted detergent.***vs. leading baking soda liquid detergent brand-based variant** Voted most trusted laundry brand by American shoppers based on the 2024 BrandSpark American trust survey.