Mc Cormick Oregano Leaves 0.75 oz

McCormick® Oregano Leaves are carefully selected for robust flavor. Our oregano has a peppery bite and a sweet, slightly minty aroma that’s perfect for tomato-based dishes like spaghetti sauce and minestrone. Oregano is one of our favorite “shake-on” pizza toppings. You’ll also find that this aromatic herb brings a world of flavor to a wide variety of foods. It livens up Italian tomato sauces, Greek salads and other Mediterranean dishes. When dried oregano flakes are added to a marinade or dry rub for grilled or roast chicken, pork or fish, it lends bold flavor. It adds classic Italian taste to meatballs, meatloaf and burgers. Oregano pairs well with other herbs like basil, thyme and parsley in Italian seasoning blends and salad dressings.