Mc Cormick Ground Cumin 1.5 oz

Rich and hearty McCormick® Ground Cumin is always ground from whole cumin seeds. It brings earthy warmth and subtle citrus flavor to chili, tacos, steak and lamb. A global favorite in Mexican, Latin American, Indian and North African kitchens, cumin imparts a distinctive earthy aroma and taste. It is an essential spice in Mexican tamales and mole sauce, and in Tex-Mex dishes like enchiladas. Cumin is a must-have spice for Middle Eastern hummus, couscous, stews and lamb dishes. In India, cooks add it with turmeric and coriander to curry spice blends. Cumin brings toasty warmth to lentil soup, bean dips, roasted vegetables and meatless dishes. It is delicious in marinades and spice rubs for meats, where it enhances their savory flavor.