Patels Green Pea & Cottage Cheese Curry

Mutter paneer. Peas & cottage cheese in spiced sauce. Celebrating India. All natural. No preservatives. Microwave for 2 minutes in pouch. 100% vegetarian. India is a land of amazing variety, the astonishing variety of India is truly reflected in its cuisine, which is regarded by those who enjoy genuine Indian food as being among the worlds greatest. Patel's range of ready-to-eat Indian cuisine makes you part of this great culinary tradition that stretches back thousands of years. Three thousand years of vegetarianism has fired up the creativity of Indian cooks, producing a vegetarian cuisine that is un-matched anywhere in the world for flavor and variety. The delectable marriage of cottage cheese and green peas in mild onion and cilantro gravy elevates the experience of traditional Indian cuisine. Steamed basmati rice is all that is needed to enjoy this dish. Product of India.