Mocu Nutritious Drink Mix, Chia, Blackberry Hibiscus Green Tea Boost

Vitamins. Probiotics. No added sugar. USDA Organic. New in the mix. Gluten free. Vegan. Omegas. Blackberry Hibiscus Green Tea Boost is the brilliant lil' drink that choosey chewers choose. Energizing green tea to lift you up fast, refreshing blackberry for a dark fruity blast, and a touch of hibiscus for the wisdom of the east. Plus, powerful, nutrient dense Chia to bring out the beast! Busting little rhymes shows how simple it can be, to rip, pour, stir and set your real self free. Packet. Water. Transform. Drink more water, they say. Water can be boring, you say. Mocu isn't boring though. Mocu is the magic added to water that brings mom than flavor-chia to nourish and satisfy, Kombucha for good belliness, and full meal replacement for oomph and life in motion. Mocu (pronounced Mo - coo) Derived from the Aztec Nahuatl word, Mocuepa, meaning to change or to transform. Let Mocu move you From a personal story of tragedy to triumph comes Mocu's transformation foundation. Mix with water, make it a habit and watch your life transform. We're your biggest fan! -Toby.