V8® Tropical Blend Flavored Juice Beverage 64.000 fl oz

V8 Splash® Tropical Fruit Blend Flavored Beverage is a refreshing thirst-quencher for the whole family. Made with 5% carrot juice from concentrate along with other natural flavors, this tropical V8 juice makes for delicious drinks. V8 Splash® is gluten free, contains antioxidants vitamin C and B vitamins, and it has 25% less sugar than leading brands of juice drinks per 8 fluid ounces. The leading shelf stable brand has an average of 17 grams of sugar, while V8 Splash® Tropical Blend has 10 grams of sugar. V8 Splash® is a great choice for the entire family. Serve this fruit juice beverage anytime you need refreshing, healthy drinks, whether you're hosting a birthday party, having friends over for a summer BBQ or simply enjoying the sunshine on your front porch. This V8 juice also adds a tropical twist to your favorite smoothies. V8 Splash® juices for kids taste best when chilled before serving. Keep the V8 juice refrigerated, and enjoy it within 14 days after opening.