Palermo's Thin Crust Pizza Combination

Palermo's® Thin Crust Pizza Combination. Since 1964. Made with 100% real cheese. U.S. Inspected and Passed by Department of Agriculture. Sausage (made with pork & chicken), pepperoni (made with pork, chicken & beef). Net Wt 16.1 oz (1 lb 0.1 oz) 456 g. Palermo's® mission: A great crust is the base on which you build a great pizza. This thin, crispy crust will satisfy you and everyone in your family. Palermo's Thin Crust is a part of the Palermo's family of pizzas that is not only looking to help your family, but also others. Starting with a base like that, this pizza is sure to fill your heart and soul. Learn more: Questions or Comments: Call 1-888-571-7181 or contact us at © 2017