Electrasol Automatic Dishwasher Detergent, Sparkling Citrus

2 in 1 Gelpacs. With Jet-Dry Action Rinse Agent for a sparkling clean. 20 Gelpacs = 70 oz of gel. An advanced concentrated gel. Dissolves quickly to work fast. One Gelpac no unwrapping = one washload. Electrasol Gelpacs give dishes and glasses a deep clean leaving virtually no residues, only a sparkling shine. Electrasol Gelpacs with Jet-Dry Rinse Agent Action gives your dishes a sparkling clean! Has a pleasant citrus scent with no chlorine smell. The formula for Electrasol Gelpacs Automatic Dish Detergent averages not more than 8.7% phosphorus by weight, in the form of phosphates, which is equivalent to 2.2 grams per Gelpac. Electrasol Gelpacs are safe for septic systems. Recommended by leading dishwasher manufacturers for use in their respective machines. Made in USA.