Belle Meade Whiskey, Sour Mash, Straight Bourbon

Aged to perfection. Small batch. Handcrafted. Since 1853. Belle Meade Bourbon is a unique family brand originally produced in the American pre-Prohibition era by Charles Nelson's Green Brier Distillery, producer of the finest whiskies of its time. Today, Charles Nelson's descendants, Charles and Wm. A. Nelson, are proud to resurrect the family business with the reintroduction of his venerable old brand. At 90.4 proof, this bourbon, this bourbon reaches a sweet spot that balances the rich, spicy flavors and delivers a depth of character unlike any other you've tasted. Charles Nelson built his reputation on quality and craftsmanship, a tradition tie Nelson family carries on today with this bottle of Belle Meade Bourbon. 45.2% alcohol by volume (90 proof).